Bundt Cake breakfast

Bundt Cake breakfast


Bundt Cake breakfast

1 cup diced Ham

2 c tater tots…still frozen

1 dozen whisked eggs

1 can (8) Pillsbury Grands biscuits..diced up (raw)

2 c. Cheese…your choice…I used Cheddar

1/4 c milk


ll mixed together. Put in greased bundt pan. Bake at 400 degrees for 45 mins. When done flip onto platter and cut

and serve

You can use any meat or any veggie you want!!!! The key is not to add too much bread and the tater tots add just

the right amount of potatoes…they shred up and you would think they were hash browns without making it dense! I

have made this SOOOOO many times and varied the ingredients almost every single time! but this morning these

were the simple ingredients I used!!! So get creative!!!! you won’t find this recipe anywhere because, as usual, I