Snowball cookies recipe

Snowball cookies recipe


Snowball cookies recipe

° Milk: liters

° Rose water or rose water: 2 large spoons

° Sugar: 3 large spoons

° Coconut: 250g (plus more if needed)

° Halva or sweetened condensed milk: 3 large spoons



In a bowl of milk, place together blossom water, sugar, and sweetness, stirring well.

STEP 2 :

You'll want to add coconut gradually while mixing, and continue until a cohesive mixture is achieved.

STEP 3 :

At this point, you can form medium-sized balls. And please dip them in coconut from all sides.

STEP 4 :

Make sure to lay the balls in a plate, then put it in the refrigerator for a full night before serving on your trip